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Sometimes we learn best from someone who has walked ahead of us on the same path in life that we are embarking upon. That is the IL philosophy of the Peer Support movement here at Independent Living. Consumers that live with a disability are able to support and learn from each other. Someone who is experiencing disability first-hand has learned valuable coping skills- learning and teaching skills that in turn they can share with a peer. Together, peers are able to provide each other with hope and inspiration all the while sharing each other’s ideas through workshops, learning experiences or social activities.

A Peer is…

  • Someone who has directly experienced a disability or lives with one today.
  • Someone who is willing to share their personal stories with others in similar situations.
  • Someone who understands and can relate to feelings and challenges faced by others in similar situations.

These gatherings are informal and a great opportunity for participants to talk to each other and make new friends. Have an idea for a program or a service? Want to share your experiences, skills and ideas? Please contact us at

Peer Support is in part…

  • Listening to others.
  • Sharing thoughts and exploring ideas.
  • Looking at different options and choices.
  • Empowering others to make their own decisions.
  • Respecting confidentiality.
  • Setting guidelines and expectations.


    Vision Loss Support Group:      

  • With Aylieh and Brian, This group is on Tuesdays at 1 pm.  Call the office for more information




th7WTV6Y0T    Chronic Pain Support ” …with Lyne

Do you suffer with chronic pain? I do. 

When medicine doesn’t help, what do you do to best relieve pain? Sometimes it helps to find a few minutes each day to de-stress. headache-clip-art  Some days our pain is a dull ache, but more times than not, our pain is debilitating. Does this sound familiar?   Are you interested in alternatives? We can explore different things which have worked for each other. Essential Oils? Meditation? Laughter?  

Chronic Pain Support! Get together with others who are trying to deal with chronic pain due to illness, injury, bone deterioration and help each qother cope.  Facilitator: Lyne

 Please phone Lyne’s cell: 250.510.5117 phone and leave a message,

Or phone Lyne on her home phone: 250-597-7402 to make an appointment meeting.

Let’s talk about it.


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