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Adaptive Recreation Cowichan

 The mission of Adaptive Recreation Cowichan is to provide quality indoor/outdoor sports and therapeutic recreation programs that positively impact the lives of people with physical, cognitive, emotional, or mental health disability.


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Membership to the Recreation Program is a nominal $15.00 per sail. Your first time out there will be an additional $5 membership fee. Becoming a member will allow you to have one free sail with the sailing program and will give you access to many unique recreation opportunities.

The membership application can be found Here 


Adaptive Recreational Sailing


For people with disabilities, the sense of freedom and independence associated with sailing is unrivaled. Sailing is an activity where, through the use of adaptive technology, people with significant physical limitations can compete equally with able-bodied persons.

This program is hosted by the Ladysmith Maritime Society and offers the leisure experience of sailing.

Sailors can be adults or children with visible or non-visible disabilities. Lessons will be available at a cost of $15.00 per lesson to experience the joys of sailing, to become independent sailors, or to refine present skills for competitive sailing.

Martin 16 Sailboats

The Martin 16 is the sport boat for sailors of all abilities. It has a deep ballasted keel and all control systems right in front of you. . There’s no need for a large crew — the Martin 16 can be rigged by one person and sailing in minutes.

  • A Martin 16 can be sailed by ANYONE, any size, any age, any physical ability, any skill level
  • A Martin 16 cannot capsize or sink
  • A Martin 16 is SAFE in any wind and sea condition — no reefing required!
  • The unique, self-contained, modular power assist system provides electrically assisted sheeting and steering for those that need it, when they need it

Sailing Fees

After the initial free sail, each sailing session is $15.00. All sailing sessions MUST be pre-booked. Payment is due at the beginning of each session.

Adaptive Recreational Trailriding




TrailRiders are pieces of adaptive hiking equipment to take people with physical disabilities exploring the wilderness. Built using lightweight aluminum, the vehicle resembles a rickshaw with two handles at the front, and two at the back. A large pneumatic tire allows the TrailRider to roll easily over rocky, rough terrain, tree roots and through streams.
Persons are easily transferred and secured onto a Trailrider making a trail ride enjoyable and safe. Recently, a Trailrider was used to allow a disabled rider to climb Mount Everest!
These Trailriders can be loaned out to members of our society at no charge for up to three days at a time. Donations greatly appreciated!

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Recreational Volunteer Opportunities

If you can spare a few hours this summer and:

  • If you have sailing skills, you could volunteer as a sailing companion or instructor
  • If you have experience hiking or with local hiking trails, you could be a trail rider Sherpa
  • If you have powerboat skills, you could volunteer as a safety support boat driver
  • If you have an interest in outdoor sports, you could inspire others
  • If you are interested in just helping, there are other volunteer opportunities including dock side assistance, administrative support and equipment maintenance.

Please contact us at: (250) 746-3930 or recreation@cvilrc.bc.ca


Duncan Daze Parade 2014

Duncan Daze Parade 2014



Duncan Daze Parade 2014

Duncan Daze Parade 2014



Proud  Sponsors of this Program:


Royal Canadian Legion

Branch 171, Ladysmith

PO Box 219, 621 First Avenue

Ladysmith, BC  V9G 1A2

email: rcl171@shaw.ca