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Our legal name is Cowichan Valley Independent Living Resource Centre Society. Cowichan Independent Living is a Registered Non-Profit Charitable Society.  We were incorporated in 1990 and have received overwhelming support from the community from the beginning. Our Centre is operated by persons with disabilities for persons with disabilities.

Our programs and services are founded on the principals that all people should be able to:

  1. Live with dignity in their chosen community;
  2. Participate in all aspects of their own lives; and
  3. Control and make decisions about their own lives.

Our Mission Statement:

To empower persons with disabilities and remove barriers so that all can assume risks, make choices and contribute to society.

What We Do

  • Cowichan Independent Living will assist anyone who self discloses they have a disability.
  • We will advocate on behalf of persons living with a disability and at the same time, teach consumers the skills necessary to advocate for themselves.
  • We promote the Independent Living Movement and Model to improve the daily lives for persons living with a disability.
  • We network with all levels of government and the community in a learning environment to ensure that the needs of persons living with disabilities are being met.
  • We deliver programs and services that are responsive to the needs of consumers based solidly on the principles of Independent Living.

Who Uses Us?

Anyone with a disability, whether temporary or permanent:

  • Persons living with a chronic physical illness or disability
  • Persons living with a mental illness or disability
  • Persons needing Medical equipment
  • Accident victims
  • Persons requiring disability parking placards

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