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  • Posted: 27th May 2016
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Scooter Safety-17 June 2016

Sidney Scooters will be onsite to demonstrate what you need in Getting on Your Scooters and safety in riding them. They will bring the showroom to us.  I’m looking forward to this program.  How about you? If so, join us at CIL on 17 June 2016.

They will also book a date and time to bring their showroom to bring their showroom to the privacy of your own home.  They also …

Monthly Safety Workshops

A six-part workshop dealing with Safety (One lesson per month) Presented by Community Police Officers. Each workshop discusses various areas where we need to take precaution in order to keep safe.
Part 1, Wednesday, May 18, 1-2:00 pm  “Scams & Fraud”
We had an enlightening discussion on several ways the elderly and others in our community are being scammed and how to avoid these …

Pallet Garden Building with Renee

May 20 at 10 am
Renee  was onsite to teach us how to make gardens in pallets for our fresh veggies, herbs, and/or flowers. We had a great turnout, and  she sparked our own imaginations for our garden designs and needs.  The pallet …

Mama Mia! Spaghetti Dinner- Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Once a month “Dinner Is Served” at Cowichan Independent Living at 103-121 First Street in Duncan, BC..Each month we will have a different meal served.
Tickets purchased in advance: $5 plus a donation to the Food Bank or, $7 at the door.
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Dinner Is Served at 5 pm This month …

June 6th, Independent Living Across Canada Day Pancake Breakfast

In celebration of  June 6 Independent Living Across Canada Day, Cowichan Independent Living in Duncan, BC is having a Pancake Breakfast.  We hope you can join us for this yummy event!


Tuesday Opportunities at CIL

If you have a skill you’d like to share or if you desire a special topic for a workshop or group, please contact Necole to discuss and set it up.



1-3:00 pm
“Art Group”
With Clare
Enjoy experimenting with many different media:

water colours

to create …

Monday Opportunities at CIL

“A Stitch In Time”  
Monday,  10 – 12 noon  
Wednesday, 1-2 pm
 Lyne will be onsite to share basic knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching   If possible please purchase and bring the following items to the class:


Size G or H Crochet Needle, …

Friday Opportunities at CIL


May 20th at 10 am
“Pallet Garden Building”    
With Renee
Renee will be onsite to teach us how to make gardens for our fresh veggies and flowers.
May 27 at 3 pm 
“Healing  Herbs & Spices”
With Penny
Penny will teach us how to cure common colds and other home remedies. What …

Thursday Opportunities at CIL

If you have a skill you’d like to share or if you desire a workshop
or group, please contact Necole Young to discuss and set it up.



Wednesday Opportunities at CIL

Monday, 1-2 pm

Wednesday, 10-11 am 


“de Pain, de Pain, de PAIN”                                                                                                     …