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  • Posted: 5th Dec 2016
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Help Needed

Good afternoon everyone
We are currently looking for a volunteer to come help out with a few things such as Crafts on Thursdays as well as Movie nights every second Friday. Also looking for someone that is great with computers and could help make posters, invitations, newsletters and has some light on fundraising and event planning. Please get in touch with Necole if you or someone …

One Enchanted Evening with Moonlight & Mistletoe

Moonlight and Mistletoe..such lovely decorations. Necole Young, you did a wonderful job at setting the mood for this enchanted evening of moonlight and mistletoe. Eric Scholefield, thank you for the  delicious appetizer, hanging all the lovely Moonlight and setting up the hall for our event. So many did great teamwork so this event would be successful.and that it was. Mackenzie, you, Virginia, …

Moonlight And Mistletoe

Have you bought your ticket yet?
Don’t miss out on the event for the holiday season!

Moonlight & Mistletoe.
Aislon Burnam-Sheets is doing a fantastic job of getting us some awesome items for the silent auction. (She’s even worked after hours and volunteered several hours on her days off to help make this a huge success and fun for …

  • Posted: 29th Nov 2016
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Placard Price Increasing

Beginning 1 January 2017, price for the permanent placard is increasing to $23.

  • Posted: 18th Nov 2016
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Chronic Pain Help 3

A Ten-Step Approach to Living Well with Chronic Pain

Grunberg Patterson Centre for Counselling & Assessment\Registered Psychologist-CPBC #1128


The 10 Steps are:

Stop Apologizing and drop the shame  Chronic Pain is not a personal failure.
Grieve what is lost. Chronic pain is not an illness. It’s a disability. Much has changed. Things that once gave us joy-beloved activities, the comfort of a pain-free body, and even important relationships fall away.  It’s important …

Chronic Pain Help 2

According to experts, a raw food diet like juicing can help bring down the pain in fibromyalgia significantly. Here are 3 specially crafted juice recipes that help reduce the pain in fibromyalgia…
3 Juices For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
Eating clean and eliminating anything processed and artificial greatly helps fibromyalgia. This means giving up some of your favourite meals, restaurants and …

December Silent Auction Items Needed

Cowichan Independent Living

We are seeking donations or gift baskets to be auctioned off in our December Silent Auction “A Night of Moonlight and Mistletoe”. If your business is interested in supporting us and getting some good public advertisement for your items, please contact Aislon at Cowichan Independent Living at



phone 250.746.3930

Cell: 1250.510.4352

Tax receipt will be given upon request.


  • Posted: 23rd Oct 2016
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Jean Scholefield Named Executive Director of CIL

Cowichan Independent Living has named Jean Scholefield as their Executive Director. Jean has been with CIL since 2013. If you’ve been to our office, you would have been greeted by her beautiful smile and lovely personality. You may have seen Jean on the trails around the valley as she has volunteered her time with the trail-rider, too.  Jean also donates her time with Special Olympics. She is very busy, but …

  • Posted: 23rd Oct 2016
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Beth Caskey Retires From CIL

Long time member and Executive Director of Cowichan Independent Living,  Beth Caskey,  retires on 28th September 2016.. Beth gave CIL many years of her time and her expertise to make Cowichan Independent Living a crucial and vital component of the community. Beth gave her time to each individual person who came to our office, giving each a new perspective on disability. Beth …

Chronic Pain Help 1

 Chronic Pain 1 – Essential Oils
I have found Healthiculture.com to be very informative especially for persons who suffer from chronic pain like myself. This has been very for me. I suffer with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, and diabetes. Healthiculture.com discusses the definition of fibromyalgia, the symptoms, possible causes, and a great deal other information on Fibromyalgia such as helpful clothing, essential oils, foods which may prove helpful …